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Our plan of action revolves around these highlights: Recruitment / Mapping / Talent Pool / Talent Scouting

DI Executive from a single point of contact employs a business approach where the plan of action involves a dedicated team of consultants, a direct approach and documented methodology, a talent pool of shortlisted talents, market research, and intelligence from local to multi-country and also from small firms and family-owned businesses to large corporations. 


A specific search for a profile that fits a role within an organization is launched following the criteria proposed by the client and tailored to the position required, the region and necessary qualifications. 


After the application of the specific characteristics, the identification of all existing candidates in the market who can fit specific roles including a candidate market analysis are realized.


Identification of candidates for specific roles and tracking of selected candidates over a period to analyze their development and follow up for a future recruitment.


DI Executive's product offering is aligned to our One Single Point of Contact. As a boutique company, our products reflect our client's needs and approach to business. Our products are tailor made around the clients’ needs, so each product can be adapted to the specific expectations of the client.

Consulting Recruitment Interview

C-Level Executives

Executive teams are the defining factor in a company’s success. We strive to find executive talents to complete your dream team. 

Business Consulting

Middle Management

Another area of expertise is Middle Management where we deliver people that are connecting the specialist with the executive team, elevating your company’s performance to the maximum. 

Business Plan Presentation


We realize that some positions are more technically challenging than others. For that reason, we search for specialists with precise skillsets and competencies worldwide to fit the particular requirements of the positions.

One Single Point of Contact

One Single Point of Contact, between the Consultant and the client, is our model which allows for a very close partnership and an exceptional understanding of the entire mission without intermediary or delegation whatsoever. We have worked on numerous projects in more than 70 countries, thanks to our resolutely international and professional approach, all with the help of a multicultural team, giving us a variety of diverse perspectives. Also, We understand the importance of streamlining communication and providing you with a seamless experience throughout the entire executive recruitment process. Here's how our One Single Point of Contact approach works and the benefits it offers:

By having a single point of contact, we foster a deep understanding of your organization, its values, and its strategic goals. We work closely with you to gather comprehensive information about the executive position(s) you are seeking to fill. We collaborate with you to develop a detailed profile of the ideal candidate, encompassing the skills, experience, cultural fit, and leadership qualities you desire. 
Streamlined Communication. This minimizes the potential for miscommunication or information gaps and enables swift and accurate responses to your inquiries. 

By embracing our One Single Point of Contact approach, we aim to enhance your experience and simplify the executive recruitment process. We believe that clear and efficient communication will allow us to better serve you and ensure the success of your executive search. This further ensures that you get a - 

⦁    Tailor-made solution, thorough methodology 
⦁    Accurate insight of the human dynamics within corporations 
⦁    Entrepreneurial culture 
⦁    International/ Multicultural perspective  
⦁    Extensive methodology 
⦁    Out of the box approach 
⦁    Close partnership 

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